Gloria  Hager
I was Born and raised in The foothills of the Blue Ridge Mtns.
in Augusta County Virginia. I exhibited a passion and love for
horses as far as my folks could remember and have always
had obsession to paint and draw them.

Never taking any art lessons or classes of any kind, I rely on
what God gave me as talent and the love for his creatures to
creat a living impression of the animals and subjects I paint
and draw.

We now live in Beautiful Radium Springs, NM, surrounded by
the Chihuahuan desert, where we recently retired to, with my
wonderful Husband and our two horses, Peppy and G man.
Our cat Buddy. My dream and desire is to do artwork and
bring to life the friends and loved animals, companions for
people who love them and want a beautiful remembrance of
them as I do. I know how precious they are and the
devestation of losing them. A loving portrait makes a
wonderful gift to yourself or someone else.
My Creation Station!!

In Loving Memory of my precious  
Aside from my interest in art, my husband Enoch
engage in is traveling and trail riding on our
horses.   It provides fun and relaxation for you
and your horse and you don't have to be an
athlete to do it.  I have severe arthritis and a bad
ankle, leg and hip, and my horse is therapy and
also my strength and my legs and my stamina. I   
always had, rode and loved horses since birth
and now to share this love with my wonderful
and best friend is just awesome!     So retired
Get off the sofa, buy a horse and come ride with
1/06/2017   We now travel and trail ride our
horses all over the states.
Buddy, my