Gloria  Hager
I was Born and raised in The foothills of the Blue Ridge Mtns.
in Augusta County Virginia. I exhibited a passion and love for
horses as far as my folks could remember and have always
had obsession to paint and draw them.

Never taking any art lessons or classes of any kind, I rely on
what God gave me as talent and the love for his creatures to
creat a living impression of the animals and subjects I paint
and draw.

I now live in Beautiful Rockbridge County, surrounded by
Zoo's and the Virginia Horse Center, with my wonderful
Husband and our two horses, Peppy and G man. My dream
and desire is to do artwork and bring to life the friends and
loved animals, companions for people who love them and
want a beautiful remembrance of them as I do. I know how
precious they are and the devestation of losing them. A loving
portrait makes a wonderful gift to yourself or someone else.
My Creation Station!!

In Loving Memory of my precious  
Aside from my interest in art, my husband Enoch and I are retired now and our favorite sport to engage in is sorting cattle on
our horses. More retirement age people are getting involved with horses and this sport than ever. It provides fun and
excitement for you and your horse and you don't have to be an athlete to do it. Inface, I have severe arthritis and a bad ankle,
leg and hip, and my horse is therapy and also my strength and my legs and my stamina. I have always had, rode and loved
horses since birth and now to share this love with my wonderful husband
and best friend is just awesome! He had never ridden before we met so we started out slow and easy on Walkers. But as alot of
folks, we had the secret of "Cowboy want to be;s" hiding in the little kid in us.
     We trail rode for pleasure for a way to spend quality time with our horses and we discovered a new way to do this from a
couple men at the feed store, They happened to have some cattle and an arena and had gotten into the sport of sorting cattle.
An activity used by ranchers to sort various cows into different pens according to age, sex, medical needs, weight and breed in
order to treat, brand or ship them out. Eastern cowboy want to be's, started the sport of sorting here for people to be able to
buy ranch horses and play games using them by working cattle. We had to sell our walkers and buy more suitable horses that
had the breeding and desire to work and move cattle. The quarter horse, ranch horse or stock horse, We were soon retiring
and wanted an exciting sport that we could participate in using horses. Me having a slight handicap with a bad leg and ankle, I
saw this as a sport where anyone could participate in and have your horse be your muscle, legs and agility. We bought two
quarterhorses. So we started painfully slow into this sport of moving 10 numbered cattle from one 50 ft. round pen connected
to another 50 ft. round pen, through a 16 ft. opening guarded by another horse and rider, one by one in numerical order only,
with a 60 second time limit. Any out of sequence cows or the 2 cows without numbers (added trash) getting through the
opening, disqualified you. The team with the most cattle sorted in 60 seconds won money. When that timer goes off and you
rush to start sorting, the cows get excited and bolt everywhere, trying to get through the opening. The rider in the opening has
the hardest work,stopping them from getting through, so with every cow sorted, you trade positions, and the sorter becomes
the gate keeper. We discovered the exciting sport where children as young as 3 yrs. old to adults way up in their senior years
of 70-80 can participate in, thanks to the ranch horse who loves to do this and wants to do this. If you can sit a horse, (with or
without Velcro pads) you can do it! Now we have come from back yard sorters, to sorters that are going to National
Championships out west,to do this exciting young sport that is taking the nation by storm. People who have the farmland and
means, are popping up all over the place, setting up round pens, indoors or out, to be able to do this sport, and when word
gets around, horse people are flocking to all the events they can get to. It is so addictive, I see people from 2 and 3 states
away coming to local sortings just to spend 5--- 60 second  rides of thrill to compete and be with other "cowboy want to be's". I
know people who have ridden English or jumped all their lives, in just one trial event, sell their English horses and buy ranch
horses to exchange their habits and jumping saddles, for spurs and cutting saddles to join the movement. So retired people.
Get off the sofa, buy a horse and come sort with us! i RECOMMEND YOU TRY IT!! UPDATE 11/25/2014  ue to health and
injuries I sustained, we now travel and trail ride our horses all over the states.
Buddy, my